Meet Peter Nathaniel Lee

There have been three constants in Peter's life.

The desire to travel the world, to love deeply, and the inescapable impulse to write about the first two.

At sixteen, to escape the confines of his youth, and in search of a great story, he joined the Royal Navy, where he travelled to many strange and exotic places in the company of honourable pirates. Inspired by tales of backpacking, he left the Royal Navy and spent the next several years living out of a bag, wandering around Asia and South America. He lived in Ashrams, surf retreats, kung fu schools, shamanic treehouses, and on a sheep farm in New Zealand before returning to the UK to study Creative Writing and English Literature at Derby University. 

In 2010, Peter walked the Camino De Santiago, which inspired the novel, ‘Walk With Me.’

After the Camino, he moved to London and worked for a homeless and Mental Health Charity. In 2011, he was awarded Support Worker of the Year. In 2014, inspired by a dream, he travelled to Nepal, where he lived the events written about in ‘Tiger Mountain.’

He currently lives in-between Bali and Australia. Works as a Breath-worker therapist, entrepreneur, and freelance writer. He continues to explore life, inside and out, in the spirit of a pilgrim. 

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