Not a travel blog – In 2014, after walking solo in the Himalaya’s for 30 days, I found myself at the banks of the river Ganges at nightfall. Thousands of pilgrims had gathered to the water’s edge, where they lit candles on sources of leaves, and sent them floating downstream. As I watched, the sunset and the stars shone down. I found the cosmos mirrored in the waters about me, and so was born the River of Stars blog. A blog that explores the relationship between the inner and outer worlds.


When you stare towards the sun, the world becomes fragments of light and shadow. The elusive horizon disappears into the presence of your shading hand.

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The Gold Light of Pamplona

June 2023 – 2nd Camino de Santiago Rain glistens on the cobblestones of Pamplona. Rubbish, haphazardly strewn covers the ground, fast-food wrappers, beer cans, plastic

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I Have Lived

I have lived a thousand thousand nights.I have dreamed of cities eternal and ethereal.I have crossed the patterned sand blownscattered wastes of desert moonscapes. I

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The Twisting Tree

Crucified on the hard wooden floor of my mind I lay awake and aware of my body as though for the first time. The distant

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Where We Are

Imagine yourself descending a steep stairway that has been hacked out of the raw, red-rock face of a cliff in Kerala, India. The sea roars

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