Walk With Me

900km to walk. A cycle of generational addiction to break. Embark on this inspirational journey of healing on the Camino De Santiago. From hedonistic festivals, psyche readings, spirit guides, and awakenings, to the rugged beauty and medieval streets of Northern Spain, homelessness becomes a pilgrimage, and an adventure in Spain unfolds. Sometimes you have to change everything to change yourself.

An inspirational healing journey on the Camino de Santiago.

We meet Peter standing on the edge of a cliff contemplating the question, ‘How far would you fall before changing your mind?’

Adrift in Spain, having left all that he owns and knows, he faces the hard truth – life catches up to you no matter how far you run.

Three months before, whilst sitting in a former police cell and handling delivery requests, he takes a call from a stranger who is contemplating suicide. She asks him to write her goodbye note. So begins a series of synchronicities that lead him to set out on the ancient pilgrimage through France and Spain, the Camino De Santiago.

As he walks, his father’s story unfolds beside his own, chronicling the generational addiction that runs through his paternal line that led to his father’s premature death the year before.

Peter is haunted by what seems like an inevitable path laid out before him. Homeless and without money, he must let go of control and place his trust in the kindness of strangers and embrace the mysteries of the Camino.

Before he can finish his pilgrimage and reach the ocean, a reckoning awaits him in the desert. If he can face his family’s past, he may walk into a new world.

Inspired by true events, this is a story about grief and healing and how we send the love back.

Will you walk with me?

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