Be your own Healer

I have been a Breath and Reiki Therapist since 2015. There are many styles of breath, best applied to your personal unique needs. See below for more details or contact me directly to discuss a tailored plan to support your growth or healing. 

Conscious Connected Breathwork

Empowering Breath

  • LinageHolotropic BW, Rebirthing, Transformational Breathwork, Alchemy of Breath, Breath of Bliss, Clarity of Breath.
  • Setting – one to one, or in a workshop ritual, in combination with shaking, dancing, meditation, circle sharing, vulnerability exercises 
  • Benefits – expand beyond the personal, connect with the divine, clear stuck emotions, gain powerful insights and healing
  • Style –  breathing through the mouth
  • What makes my practice unique? – My style of breathwork is gentle yet powerful. I rarely take clients into catharsis (never in workshops) since people can be re-traumatized. Instead, I focus on bringing the power of healing breath to the part of you which was in flight, fight or freeze in the past, therefore releasing stuck emotions. Used in combination with bodywork, energy healing, prayer and empowering support and followed by an integration sharing, which may involve creative writing, artwork, or discussion to enable you to change patterns. or flourish.


The essence of CCB is to access the part of your nervous system which holds stressful memories in order to release them, via first connecting to your spiritual, phycological, and emotional states, and then clearing the body of any latent energies which no longer service you. 

Health, Vitality, Inspiration

Soma Breath

  • Linage – Ancient Pranayama from India, combined with scientific studies from around the world, including Cambridge University, UK. SOMA Breath is a revolutionary breathwork meditation training company combining ancient pranayama techniques with specially crafted music and guided creative visualization.
  • Setting – One to One, or workshops, in combination with shaking, dancing, meditation, circle sharing
  • Benefits – The breathing techniques taught in SOMA Breath
    have proven physiological and psychological
    benefits, allowing participants to relieve stress, gain
    more focus &mental clarity, increase physical energy.
  • Style – breathing through the nose.
  • What makes my practice unique? – The combination of breathing techniques, music and creative visualization also allows participants to enter into deep meditative states where they can reprogram their subconscious mind to get rid of limiting beliefs and inspire positive change in themselves.

The essence of SOMA Breath is all about finding the power within yourself to optimize your mind, body and soul, by first building a  strong foundation through a healthy body, before rising into the emotional, phycological, and spiritual realms.

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