How Not To Walk The Camino

‘’…In India, they say only Atman can meet God on the road…’’ So you want to walk the Camino de Santiago? Are your reasons for sport, for health, or for your spirit? If it’s for the first two reasons, scroll to Practicalities below — you’ll find a list of advice to aid you. But if it is […]

The Gold Light of Pamplona

June 2023 – 2nd Camino de Santiago Rain glistens on the cobblestones of Pamplona. Rubbish, haphazardly strewn covers the ground, fast-food wrappers, beer cans, plastic cups, cigarette butts and black bags bust open by rats and birds. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sounds of the previous night’s festivities echoing from the walls, […]

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